MANNAHATTA @ Aotearoa Māori Film Festival 21 October Te Wairua Tapu Church Director/Writer Renae Maihi (Māori) 2016 15 min NZ/USA In the city that never sleeps wanders a ghost that cannot rest. ImagineNative 2016.

Noa & Noel

Noa & Noel @ Aotearoa Māori Film Festival 21 October Te Wairua Tapu Church Chris Wong (Anishinaabe), Candy Ranae Fox, Howard Adler • 10:00 • 2017 • New Zealand • English, Cree & Maori w/ Eng. Subs. A Beautiful conversation and exchange between a Cree Elder, Noel Starblanket, and a Maori language speaker, Noa…


    Marathon is a motivational drama that provides insight of the Maori culture through Phillip’s relationship with the Tuhoe people, through its culture, ceremonies and landscapes. The story is centered around Phillip, a music teacher, discovers his neurosis of being a 40 year old male that has been unable to find a partner. Phillip…


Director/Screenplay Qianna Titore  Producer Eloise Veber New Zealand • In English and Māori with English subtitles  9 minutes A Māori girl receives a precious waiata composed by her deceased grandfather. In this story from Hokianga, tragedy strikes but there is hope in a new beginning. — CF

The Tuhoe Colour

The Tuhoe Color New Zealand | 2016 | 11 min | English | Sebastian Vidal Bustamante The Tuhoe Colour showcases Tame Wairere Iti – the New Zealand artist and the creative space he created in Taneatua at the centre of the Tuhoe heartland.


TAMA Directors Jared Flitcroft (Maori, Deaf) & Jack O’Donnell 2017 9 min NZ Tama is the result of a unique collaboration between deaf and hearing filmmakers. Tama is about a young Maori deaf boy who wants to learn the Haka. On a near fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle…