Marathon is a motivational drama that provides insight of the Maori culture through Phillip’s relationship with the Tuhoe people, through its culture, ceremonies and landscapes.

The story is centered around Phillip, a music teacher, discovers his neurosis of being a 40 year old male that has been unable to find a partner. Phillip descends into existential conflict as his mother, whom he shares an exacerbated affection for, falls sickeningly ill. After her death, Phillip spirals into depression, and his loneliness leads to his despair and further uncertainty.

Phillip’s newfound interest in running, along with the development of a musical performance by his students give Phillip the chance to heal and vent his neurosis. After meeting Athens, Phillip’s maternal desires are released and his artistic developments are triggered, allowing him to build upon new desires.

This project is supported by:

  • Susie Newborn (Greenpeace Co-Founder)
  • Tame Iti (Maori Artist and Activist)
  • Corradino Ansalmi
  • ALAC Inc. (Auckland Latin American Community)
  • Te Huruhi Primary School

Director Sebastian Vidal