Brōken – showing Australia wide at Event Cinemas from 3rd of May 2018

There was one scene where we needed a stormy, rainy day … On the second to last day the ocean picked up, the waves had gotten bigger, the wind turned and it all went ugly and it was big and gnarly and rainy and horrible. My wife was laughing, she said, ‘what did you expect? I prayed for this.’
– Writer/director Tarry Mortlock on being blessed during filming, quoted in The NZ Herald, 31 October 2016


MANNAHATTA @ Aotearoa Māori Film Festival 21 October Te Wairua Tapu Church Director/Writer Renae Maihi (Māori) 2016 15 min NZ/USA In the city that never sleeps wanders a ghost that cannot rest. ImagineNative 2016.


    Marathon is a motivational drama that provides insight of the Maori culture through Phillip’s relationship with the Tuhoe people, through its culture, ceremonies and landscapes. The story is centered around Phillip, a music teacher, discovers his neurosis of being a 40 year old male that has been unable to find a partner. Phillip…


Director/Screenplay Qianna Titore  Producer Eloise Veber New Zealand • In English and Māori with English subtitles  9 minutes A Māori girl receives a precious waiata composed by her deceased grandfather. In this story from Hokianga, tragedy strikes but there is hope in a new beginning. — CF


TAMA Directors Jared Flitcroft (Maori, Deaf) & Jack O’Donnell 2017 9 min NZ Tama is the result of a unique collaboration between deaf and hearing filmmakers. Tama is about a young Maori deaf boy who wants to learn the Haka. On a near fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle…

2015 at Australian Museum

  This year we’re being hosted at The Australian Museum, Sydney! Australian Museum, 6 College St, Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia +61 2 9320 6000

2013 Film Guide

Whatatiki Kiri, a Māori woman painfully aware of her weight, takes a trip with family and friends to the Whakatiki River where she spent many summers as a girl. The place awakens powerful memories. NZ 2012. Director: Louise Leitch | Producer: Melissa Dodds | Duration: 13 mins Uru Uru tells the story of a disenchanted woman…

2015 Rangatahi Filmmaking Workshop

At the Australian Museum we hosted a full day of Rangatahi Filmmaking Workshop Click here to what the 2015 students done! Due to a heavy interest from adults for a filmmaking workshop we have decided to merge the two Rangatahi Filmmaking Workshops into one day! The AMFF Rangatahi Filmmaking Workshop (an Indigenous Youth Filmmaking Workshop)…

2015 Feature Film : The Dead Lands

“Set in pre-colonial New Zealand — or, as it was known to its inhabitants, “Te Ao Maori” (the Maori World) — The Dead Lands is a dazzling action epic that has the distinction of being the first film ever to feature Mau rakau, Director Toa Fraser New Zealand/United Kingdom 2014 | Executive Producer: Peter Hampden | Language:…