AMFF 2013

3795967_origWe only had a month, we were running on a smell of an oily rag as the saying goes. However, as another saying goes – if not I then who, if not now then when. Ahead we went, therefore, and the inaugural Aotearoa Maori Film Festival in Sydney took place on 28th September 2013. Our theme: whaia te iti kahurangi. Pursuit of excellence, that which is precious, defines us. Or, as our resident smarty bum put it the other day: I don’t aspire to mediocrity! Hey, I might hit it every day and may not even reach that all that often, but it’s certainly not my goal.

Many old friends came which was lucky as they were obligated to be forgiving of all the stuff we were making up as we went along. We made many new friends, too. Maybe we did a couple of things okay-ish. Best of all, the set of films, curated by Leo Koziol of Wairoa Film Festival, Aotearoa, totally blew us all away. Our people have such talent. We were always gifted story tellers and artists.