2015 Film Guide

Every year we show a selection of Māori films curated by Leo Koziol of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival, representing the pinnacle of Maori storytelling by Maori film makers in Aotearoa today. This film guide lists the new short films screened in 2015, at the awesome Australian Museum in Sydney.

We also screened films from the 2014 AMFF. Click here to see the 2014 film guide.



Director: Darren Simmonds | Producer: Darren Simmonds, Ian Bowmer | Duration: 15:38

A Māori man enjoying the corporate life he has carved for himself in Sydney returns home for his father’s funeral. Amidst the mourning, a challenge is laid before him.



Director: Rebecca Collins | Producer: Rebecca Collins, Marie Thompson | Duration: 8 minutes

When a young boy falls ill, a family turns to a tohunga (healer) for help. Unknowingly, a young girl bears witness to a world never meant for her. Meditative moments of painterly imagery disguise a serious message. — Leo Koziol

Ross and Beth
Director: Hamish Bennet | Producer: Orlando Stewart | Duration: 15.35

The daily working life on a dairy farm in rural New Zealand has its challenges and rewards. Beth is a sweet and loving wife to Ross – a withdrawn and grumpy old man. But she has her ways to get back at and around Ross, and ultimately bring for him an unlikely saviour.

Director: Lennie Hill | Producer: Tiairani Drollet-Le Caill, et_al | Duration: 13.40

‘Footsteps’ is based on the legend of One Foot Island. The film tells the story of a father and son who, while travelling in a vaka near Motu Tapuaetai (One Foot Island), spot a war party in the distance. They quickly paddle to the motu, where the son runs to the centre of the island. The father follows, careful to step in his son’s footsteps so the warriors would think he was the only one on the motu.

In the Rubbish Bin

Director: Riwia Brown | Producer: Catherine Fitzgerald | Duration: 4.40

Animation. Abandoned on her birthday, Pippa escapes into an imaginary world with her best friend Chubby.

Ahi Ka

Director: Richard Curtis | Producer: Jullian White | Duration: 15:21

Left alone with just her spiritual guides, a young girl upholds the prestige of the tribe in order to protect the land for generations to come. Due to her brave deeds she is immortalised.

Rising Dust

Director: Jack Woon | Producer: Julia Parnell | Duration: 14:32

A hip-hop dance drama taken out of the city streets and into the historical, isolated, rural land of the Hokianga. With the help of his ancestors, a teenager on the cusp of adulthood stands up to his father and defends his place in his home.