2013 Film Guide




Kiri, a Māori woman painfully aware of her weight, takes a trip with family and friends to the Whakatiki River where she spent many summers as a girl. The place awakens powerful memories.

NZ 2012. Director: Louise Leitch | Producer: Melissa Dodds | Duration: 13 mins




Uru tells the story of a disenchanted woman who turns from her Maori ancestry to embrace a new way of life with the European settlers. The film is based on a speech made by Akenehi Tomoana.

NZ 2010 Director/Screenplay: Hiona Henare (Nga’ Mauaupoko) | Produced by Hiona Henare & Ngawaeroa Maniapoto | Duration: 15 mins



Baby Steps

A man, a baby; one little step at at a time. When Joe is left in charge of his baby son for the first time he must leave his past behind and prove he’s ready for fatherhood.

NZ 2012. Director/Screenplay: Mark Ruka (Ngāpuhi) | Producers: Sheri O’Neill, Fred Renata | Duration: 9 mins



The Dump

Told through the eyes of 11-year-old Utah, The Dump is a story about a boy discovering there’s more to his dad than just rubbish. Filmed in Tauraroa in Northland.

NZ 2012. Director/Screenplay: Hamish Bennett (Te Arawa, Ngāpuhi, Kāi Tahu) | Producer: Orlando Stewart | Duration:10 mins



Nine of Hearts

Trembling with energy and a kind of hybrid Māori-Pākehā spiritual magic, this film is about the cards Gen, a Pākehā mother, has already been dealt, and the cards she is choosing to play now.

NZ 2012. Director: Briar Grace-Smith (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai) | Producer: Alexandra Keeble | Duration: 15 mins