2016 Aotearoa Maori Film Festival @ Te Wairua Tapu

Kia kaha, kia u, kia manawa nui! Yes, we’re on again! We can’t wait! Once again, a beautiful set of stories from Maori film makers. We feel Te Wairua Tapu is the heart of the community in Sydney. So, in honouring the heart, we are bringing the festival kaupapa home.

The BB

The Biggest Bachelorette’s Got Cooking Talent is a dystopian mockumentary telling the story of a reality TV show that implodes following a demise of societal norms during the shows filming. Director: TemaKwan Fenton | Writer: Sam Horder | Producer: Cyntia Mayashita | Duration: 15 mins

Ukaipo Whenua

In the Tūhoe tribe of the bush clad mountain forests of New Zealand, women and land are the essence of life. For women and land Tūhoe would go to war, they would fight to the death. In Tuhoe the two are inextricably intertwined. Women represent the mother earth, the womb is “whenua” & “whenua” is…

The Spectacular Imagination of the Pohara Brothers

Producer/Director: Todd Karehana   Brothers, Nathan and Christian live in a poverty stricken town with their single mother. The power will soon be cut off if the $60 bill can’t be paid. They raise money by selling lemonade and when there only two customers are the two young girls from next door, they decide to…

Smiths Ave 2015

Director/Screenplay Robert George (NZ Māori/Cook Island Māori) An unexpected call from his estranged father leads a young man to ponder events from his childhood. The soundscape takes you back in time and thought to marry you to an idea: basketball is clarity


Stevo Director  Heather Haywood Producers  Lesly Parker and Michelle Savill This is a documentary of Steve Winiata, a Maori security guard living in Wellington while maintaining close links to his family heritage and land his parents and ancestors are from. Steve narrates and is followed around the city where he lives, works and trades. His…

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  We acknowledge and respect the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land where we live and work.  Some of the homes and communities of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters are under threat with the forced closures of Aboriginal Land here in Australia. To support the Aboriginal communities in Australia to…

Meet the team

Brent Reihana, Festival Director (Ngapuhi): has operational and management experience across the hospitality, service and manufacturing industries. Currently he runs a management consultancy and a business network while lecturing in management and reading law. Brent will do anything, stand at the end of a jack-hammer all day if that’s what is needed. His motto: if…

2015 at Australian Museum

  This year we’re being hosted at The Australian Museum, Sydney! Australian Museum, 6 College St, Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia +61 2 9320 6000 http://australianmuseum.net.au